Kainratu – Elegant Ikat from Local Artisan

The Indonesian Ikat Fabric.

Explore Indonesian ikat fabric with traditional patterns from Javanese. Local artisans from Troso Village, Jepara handcrafted elegant and unique textiles.

Story of Empowering Local Artisans

Kainratu was founded in 24 September 2014 by Muhammad Hamdan and Maria Leoni in Troso Village, Jepara.

Kainratu enpowers local and village communities in their business as an effort to increase their income and welfare of these artisans. We hope to preserve Indonesian culture by continuing to guide aspiring professional weavers in the village to create new motifs. Abandoning uniformity to craft unique and distinc fabric design.

Explore Indonesian Ikat Fabric

Discover hundreds elegant and amazing ikat fabric from Indonesian local artisans.
They bring the finest handcrafted creations for you.


Discover ikat textiles that spans Indonesian cultures and story.


Unique ikat shawls, the finest handcrafted by local artisans


Our collection of dresses showcases artisan ikat.

Table Runner

Table runners give the perfect decor accent for any room.

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